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Zainab Musa

Zainab Musa: A Farewell Letter and Testimony

After a beautiful journey filled with development, learning, effort and perseverance, it’s with great pain and joy that we have to say goodbye to Zainab Musa, who will be travelling to the UAE where she will be embarking on the next stage of her career as a creative. We couldn’t be prouder.

Who is Zainab Musa?

Zainab is a kind-hearted, hard-working, perfectionist. She handled many graphic design projects at Sudan Digital and is easily the hardest worker in the organisation. She will go over and beyond in her tasks and will sacrifice time out of her non-working days to make sure things are delivered on time. Many a staff in Sudan Digital will attest to how Zainab has worked well over into the weekend to make sure that the deliverables have been submitted.

Originally a graduate of Organisational Management, Zainab Musa pivoted into graphic design and started her journey here at Sudan Digital. Much to the amazement of everyone, she has undergone an immense change in such a short time and was able to reach unimaginable heights of performance and excellence in under a year. This was made possible by her determination and the unique set of skills and habits that she wields.

The Most Outstanding Person Salma Has Ever Worked With

Inside jokes aside, Zainab embodies some of the best personal and social traits. She is humble, friendly and is ridiculously approachable. This is why a few of our recruits sought her counsel and guidance at the beginning of their journey at Sudan Digital, and still are. We can go on and on bragging about Zainab, because truly, the list does no end, but let us leave it at this. Zainab’s mix of self-accountability and her non-stop striving for excellence is the epitome of the work ethic we aim for here at Sudan Digital.

We expect nothing but the best from her and will accept nothing short of brilliance in her future.

We can’t begin to describe how much we will miss you.

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