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Sudan Digital’s Team of digital marketing middle east experts is here to make your digital strategy take off. We have a diverse team of graphic designers, copywriters, content producers, video editors and social strategists. Our team undergo 6 months of intense digital training before being able to work on any of our clients at Sudan Digital. Each member of the team is well versed in Instagram marketing, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Content Creation, Email Marketing, Digital Strategy and Marketing Strategy.

We are fortunate enough to be able to offer our clients both Native English and Native Arabic services. Each person’s role is defined and sculpted to have the maximum impact on our client’s success.

Graphic Designers

Our Graphic designers are focused on delivering the quality and volume of content required to have an impact on our clients social and digital channels. Each designer is specifically trained on the variances in content between each of the social channels. For example, certain types of images work excellently on Instagram but do not work on Facebook. These nuances are things most of our clients won’t recognise but have a significant impact on the success or otherwise of our engagement.

Social Strategist

Our social strategists spend a large proportion of their time keeping up to date with the various algorithm changes across the social channels, as well as planning and scheduling content. We are proud that all of our clients are awarded the “Facebook Fast Response” badge as we have an internal KPI of responding to all client requests within 8 minutes.

Content Producers

Our content producers create video content for social channels from events, clients, customers and locations. We have travelled up mountains and into massive factories. All of our video content is tailored to digital channels.

Account Managers

Our Account managers live to make our clients happy. They work closely with clients creating and modifying plans, and then with the rest of the team to create clean, impactful content. They also write the monthly reports for our clients ensuring that they are clear of what we have learned and what will come in the future months.

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