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What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads agency businesses have been growing globally over the past 10 years. However, since the inception of Facebook ads in 2007 Sudan has been blocked from their use due to OFAC sanctions. Recently, sanctions and the associated SST designation has been removed from Sudan and the Facebook advertising platform will become available for Sudanese businesses to use. Facebook ads will impact every one of the 3.6 million Facebook users in Sudan. Facebook ads allow advertisers with any budget to target their customers in their locations with an almost unlimited amount of accuracy. Advertisers can then target their spend to only attract customers who are likely to engage in their business making their marketing significantly more efficient than using traditional marketing channels.

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

The cost of Facebook ads depends on what results in you want to achieve. A good Facebook Ads Agency will guide you on the most appropriate budget. You can run small short term campaigns for as little as $100USD or long term monthly campaigns for 10’s of thousands of Dollars. It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. However, one of the major advantages of Facebook ads is the ability to test with small budgets, or multivariant test. This allows you to see what kinds of ads work for your specific need and what budget you would need to deliver the results you’re looking for. At Sudan Digital we can work with your budget to show you how to maximise its effectiveness and get the greatest possible impact for your marketing spend. 

Why are Facebook Ads in Sudan Important?

Whilst Facebook advertising is standard across the globe, it will essentially be revolutionary to the advertising market in Sudan. Facebook ads are going to change how every company with any aspirations of growth distributes their advertising spend. They will also change the competitive landscape of many industries. Smaller market entrants who had previously been unable to make any traction selling their products and services will soon be able to access hyper-targeted customers at extremely low costs compared to traditional outdoor and TV advertisements. Larger companies who compete will be able to make an improvement in both their top-line revenue numbers by attracting new targeted customers, and their bottom line profitability by spending their ad spends on only their target market, rather than mass distribution advertising which is both expensive and ineffective. 

In theory, everyone benefits. Customers, companies, agencies and of course Facebook. In reality, the greatest beneficiaries from Facebook advertising are businesses, especially businesses who engage in Facebook ads early in the availability in Sudan. Essentially, Facebook offers ad slots as an ‘auction’ whereby each potential customer can be shown an ad and the price of showing that ad is based on the number of companies who are bidding for that advert slot. When Facebook ads are available in Sudan, the number of companies bidding for those slots (both locally and internationally) will be relatively low, so the cost of acquiring customers will be equally low. Those businesses who start with Facebook ads at scale when they become available will have a disproportionate advantage over those that come later, but ultimately all businesses will benefit.

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What do Facebook Ads Look Like?

There are a multitude of Facebook advert types. They include:

  1. Image adverts
  2. Video Adverts
  3. Surveys
  4. Lead Generation ads
  5. Carousels of images
  6. Slide shows
  7. Collections of images or products

A Facebook user will see adverts as sponsored posts in their news feed, as a video feed within their video feed, or as an ad on other parts of the Facebook experience. 

How is Facebook Ads Targeting Done in Sudan?

The key advantage of Facebook advertising is to be able to reach your target audience, rather than a mass audience. This is done through targeting. You can target on a number of variables including:

  1. Location (you can select all of Sudan, just one city, or even just a 5km radius around your store)
  2. Gender
  3. Age
  4. Then an almost unlimited number of variables based on the user’s interests.

Say for example, that you want to advertise for Baby Milk. You’d select the following criteria:

  1. Location = All Sudan
  2. Gender = Women
  3. Age = 20-37 (the average childbirth range, although you could also target from 20-26 which is the range for new mothers who are significantly more susceptible to buying a new type of baby formula)
  4. Interests: children, babies, childbirth, birthing solutions, baby names etc etc

The advert would then only be shown to your target audience giving you significantly better return on your marketing investment. 

Unlike traditional advertising, Facebook ads are metric and data-driven. You’ll be able to see the number of times your ads were shown, the number of people who saw your ads, the number of people who clicked your ads, their age, gender and demographic information and what kinds of engagements they took on the advert. Customers can also engage with adverts by liking, sharing and commenting on ads, allowing you as a  brand to have a closer relationship with your prospective customers.

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