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Let’s talk big, and big is small business. One the eighth episode, we talked to the passionate entrepreneur Anfal Alhadi. Anfal received her education in telecommunication engineering. Like many of Sudan Digital passionate team members, she made the bold career shift of starting her own business and doing social media ad campaigns as a freelancer.   

Anfal talked about how she started her business journey by identifying her market segment, optimal communication channels, and what is the optimal content to market her product. Let’s give a rundown of some of the valuable insights she shared with us:

  • Your target audience might not be who you had in mind before launching your first campaign, so experiment, get your insights, rensine and repeat
  • Social media is all about visual content, so optimize that 
  • Engaging with your audience on a personal level is paramount. Walk them through the process by which you create your product. Organic interaction is the key to building a loyal community  

Digital marketing tips for small business

Anfal augmented her enterprise journey with a solid foundation in digital marketing. Here are some takeaways for aspiring entrepreneurs who aim for starting their own business:

  • Look for your target audience. Identify which platform they hang around in. Get to know them better
  • Brand partnership is a  great strategy to boost your reach exponentially. Team up with a brand that complements your product or service. Remember the whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Influencer marketing is another great strategy to get your brand off the ground. Reach out, make some giveaways and watch those leads grow
  • Social media content marketing is about telling a story
  •  Each business has its own business strategy and tactics. Design your strategy and tailor it to your business

One last giveaway is to always listen to your audience. Ask for feedback, adjust, correct and reapply. Social media platforms are great sandboxes where you can test all sorts of strategies and see what works best. 

Always apply what you learn. Theoretical knowledge is necessary but not sufficient. Application is knowledge put to practice and always practice, practice, practice. On that insightful note, we ended our Jabana with the talented and passionate entrepreneur  Anfal Alhadi. 

If you are interested in Anfal’s products and services please check out her facebook and instagram pages below:


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