Covid 19 Impact on GCC Travellers Report

Covid 19 Impact on GCC Travellers Report



Covid 19 Traveller Report: The Impact of Covid 19 Report outlines how travellers from the GCC will travel following the coronavirus crisis. Created for Gulf Reps with primary market research, this report is free to download. On 8th March 2020 Gulf Reps surveyed 336 GCC frequent travellers. The questions focused on changes in travel behaviours and plans following the outbreak of Covid-19. Since then many countries around the world have closed their borders, or imposed significant travel restrictions on foreign nationals. The impact of Covid-19 on the travel industry is changing on an almost hourly basis. This initial report will form part of a larger report that Gulf Reps will conduct in the coming months.

2020 has so far been dominated by the devastating impact of Covid-19, aka The Coronavirus. At Gulf Reps we have engaged with more than 300 frequent GCC travellers to explore the impact Covid-19 is having on their travel plans, and how their perceptions of the crisis is shaping their destination choices. There is little doubt that Covid-19’s impact on the travel industry has been, and will continue to be, hugely disruptive. However within every macro story lies micro fables, and those fables offer a glimmer of hope and opportunities to minimise the economic impacts for certain destination markets. The GCC traveller is significantly affected by Covid-19. Only 12.07% do not intend to change their travel plans. The majority (87.93%) have either cancelled their travel (14.62%), postponed to a later date (35.01%) or changed their destination (38.30%). It is in those who have postponed or changed their destination that an interesting narrative appears. A narrative that, understood and acted upon correctly, can not only help to mitigate the economic impact of Covid-19 for some destinations, but could ultimately set them up for a higher growth rate in 2021 than had been previously expected.

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