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opening a business in Sudan

Opening a business in Sudan podcast


opening a business in Sudan, What does it take and what are the stakes involved? Aseel, Sudan Digital’s talented copywriter and lovely podcast host, kicked off the sixth episode of Jabana with Sudan Digital with our business mastermind Aziz.

Business experience in Sudan

It often strikes people as a surprise when they know that Aziz, born and raised in the UK and started his career over there, decided to repatriate to Sudan and start his own business in his homeland. At the age of 33, Aziz peaked in his career by becoming the youngest CEO of an LCC in the UK. Aziz recounts the events of an ‘up in the air’ business trip that took six weeks of non-stop flight almost across the entire globe that triggered his decision to come back to Sudan and relocate his family.

Working with one of the leading telecommunication cooperation in Sudan from 2017 to 2018 Aziz finally found his niche, opening a business in Sudan and starting out his digital marketing agency Sudan Digital.  

In an intimate story, Aziz talked about his childhood when he was 8-year-old flying from Heathrow Airport to Shandi in Sudan and how he had a 12-hours Mcdonald tantrum. It was one scene that he witnessed back then of a lying child, presumably dead, that brought him in close contact with the hard and oftentimes cruel facts of life. 

Opening a business in Sudan

“No one chooses his parents, where he is born, his/her social conditions or his privileges and that was my wake up call that drove me to reach out and empower Sudanese people and create opportunities for the youth to lead a decent fulfilling life”. 

Aziz goes by the philosophy that his team is his greatest asset. Money never comes first or even second. Aim higher and your business is deemed to succeed. In his words: “Whenever I start any business I aim to create an environment for my team to grow and be the best they can be without fear or letdown”.

This is very evident when it comes to Sudan Digital’s work philosophy. The close-knitted team of creatives, social media managers, copywriters and account managers is the beating heart and engine of the agency. Everyone is working to his/her utmost capacity to deliver. And delivering is what we do here in Sudan Digital. 

Nothing is more rewarding than a client testimonial. Our work speaks of itself; top-notch, spot on and always on time. Hence. our slogan is “Proudly Sudanese, Obsessively Digital”. From Dubai based corporations to Sudanese startups and enterprises, Sudan Digital team always delivers.

One thing that is unique about Sudan Digital hiring process is its selection criteria. Unlike many large institutions, Sudan Digital has an eye for fresh graduates or applicants with fewer experience years. Large organizations tend to overspecialize their employees’ overtime which limits their set of hard and soft skills. 

The free, rich and creative environment offered by Sudan Digital for individuals to explore and make decisions is paramount to responsible, highly skilled, very dedicated digital marketing professionals. All-nighters are very common here at the office and a lot of fun too. Yes, it is hard work but it is rewarding hard work. This resonates with the previous podcast with Shirin Hassan on establishing an internal marketing policy that cultivates the loyalty of its employees.  

“Sudan is full of opportunities and there is so much potential for people wanting to start their business here. What we have here qualifies any Sudanese business startup to compete on an international scale in no time” 

On that positive sentiment from our beloved CEO, we wrapped up the sixth episode of the JWSD podcast aired on the first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan. كل سنة وانتوا طيبين, وتقبل الله الله صيامكم وقيامكم        

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