UX (User Experience)

UX User Experience Sudan is the process of making digital properties, websites, apps or social media the easiest possible experience for the target market. UX is different in every country depending on multiple social factors. However in Sudan it’s entirely unique. 20 years of sanctions has limited digital access which in tern has made UX unique.

When you get user experience right it can have a profound impact on your business.

What is UX User Experience Sudan?

  1. Design: The design of a website or app is highly dependent on the target market and how they interact. Take this website for example; we know that 84% of people will view this website on a mobile, therefore all the videos are relatively low resolution to allow low bandwidth playing. These unique factors make up the perfect UX.
  2. Language: Arabic is an RTL (right to left) language. This effects much more than just the written words. The way arabic writers engage with their mobile phone or websites is totally different too. Our UX designers focus on this for the Sudanese market.
  3. Experience: The experience is everything, especially in Sudan. We ensure that the end to end experience that your customers perceive is it’s optimal to drive customer retention and word of mouth.