Digital Advertising

Sudan Digital remains the only agency able to reliably target Sudanese Consumers based in Sudan using Google’s Display Network and other tools. Our experienced team are able to access Sudanese consumers through

  1. Redirected traffic
  2. In App Advertising
  3. Pop advertising, and
  4. Native Display

Whilst many platforms are yet to enable Sudanese companies to advertise Sudan Digital is able to use a selection of platforms to Target Sudanese consumers.

How Sudan Digital Advertising Works

One of the aims of Sudan Digital is the proliferation of digital knowledge throughout Sudanese industries. Digital advertising allows you to target specific user groups, keywords, or websites with adverts to your own website and products. For example, if you search for “best mobile phones” whilst based in Khartoum, Google’s ad platform will allow you to display and advert next to the search and you’ll pay every time that advert is seen (or every time it is clicked).

Unlike traditional bill board advertising, Sudan Digital Advertising has a number of benefits:

  1. It’s Targeted: Instead of putting billboards in areas and then assuming some passive interest in the advert, digital advertising allows you to target specific user groups and types of customers. You can even display different adverts for different customers.
  2. It’s Data Driven: How many people saw your billboard on Obeid Khatim Street? How many read the details of your advert? How many contacted you as a result of seeing your advert? It is of course impossible to answer these questions, however with digital advertising, you’ll receive a report every month showing exactly how many people engaged with your advert.
  3. It’s cost effective: Billboard advertising is expense. Digital advertising isn’t cheap but it’s much more cost effective. It allows you see an actual return on investment for your adverts and control costs much more effectively.