Social Media

Social Media Agency Sudan tend to focus on Facebook. Social media isn’t just Facebook, in fact it’s not about facebook at all.  Its about knowing how to engage with customers and prospects, improving your brand awareness, and driving a sense of community engagement. Done well, Social Media is a sales channel that works.

The channel used for Social media is less relavant than the content that is produced. Therefore at Sudan Digital we focus on generating content and managing your community in a way that meets your objectives. We run competitions, create shareable content, engage the community and make them feel part of your company.

Types of Social Media Agency Sudan

  1. Facebook Focused: Most often people associate Facebook with Social Media. However, Facebook is just one of many channels. What is more important is the type of content you produce on Social Media and how much of a sense of community you create.
  2. Twitter: Whilst having a lower penetration rate in Sudan, twitter is still a great channel to engage certain demographics. Twitter content is very specific and we use the platform to help meet your specific objectives.
  3. LinkedIn: Again LinkedIn has a lower penetration rate than other platforms, but almost all executives in Sudan have a LinkedIn presence, as well as all of your international prospects. For B2B businesses we promote your business through your LinkedIn profile.