SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Sudan is the process of making your website appear higher up in search engine listings. This means that if people in Sudan search google or other search engines. Your website will appear higher and your brand will get more traffic. Once done the effects are long lasting and essentially acts as free advertising for your brand.

How SEO Sudan is Done

There are two types of SEO activity;

  1. On Page SEO: This is the technical exercise of ensuring websites rank well. Ensuring that every page in your website has focused keywords, meta tags, images and other content that are aligned for the keywords you want to appear for. On Page SEO is the equivalent of cleaning your house. Its good to have a clean house, however if the architecture if wrong then no amount of cleaning will make your house better. That’s why at Sudan Digital SEO Sudan done right from the start, ensuring the architecture of your website is optimized for search engines.
  2. Off Page SEO: There are multiple forms of Off Page SEO. This is where some other unscrupulous agencies may have a severely negative impact on your website using something called ‘Black Hat SEO’. This is essentially trying to cheat Google into ranking your website well. The effects can be very negative, leading to your website being black listed. At Sudan Digital, SEO is done using exclusively White Hat Methods. This means creating great content and social interactions that generate leads, links and likes driving your page ranking higher and creating value.