Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Sudan fall into one of 3 categories; They are either web designed simple interfaces, an attempted duplication of an already existing popular app, or they are ‘real’ app interfaces. At Sudan Digital we build extraordinarily beautiful small screen app experiences that have a real impact on your business.

Building Mobile Apps Sudan

We have taken the time to conduct the Sudan’s first ever ‘Mobile App Sudan’ user experience analysis. The center of great app experiences is full understanding your audience and how they will engage with your app and your business. This varies dramatically from country to country. In every major country in the world an agency or company has undergone a full ethnographic study of users and how they behave with different devices; except Sudan. Sudan Digital has begun this study and the early results are critical to how we build apps for your business.

To be clear, not every business needs an app, and not every app is a business. However by combining our user insight with your customer insights, strategy and needs we create beautiful app experiences for iOS and Android that meet yours and your customers needs.