Chatbots Sudan creates new ways for you to engage with your customers and prospects. A chatbot is an automated chatting solution that essentially mimics a person to person interaction. They are most often used to help customers find what their looking for, solve problems or as a way to direct customers to the right sales channel.

Types of Chatbots Sudan

There are multiple types of chatbots and Sudan Digital can deliver them all for your organisation based on your needs:

  1. Manual: A manual chatbot is essentially a way to predict interactions with a customer. For example, around 70% of all call center queries related to the same 5-10 topics. These interactions can be coded into a chatbot so that responses can be given virtually
  2. AI Driven: Artificial Intelligence chatbots learn as they go. This means that as they develop new interactions with customers they learn those interactions and respond appropriately. There are only 2 effective arabic language AI chatbots and we work with both companies to deliver Chatbots Sudan
  3. Speech To Text: These types of chatbots allow customers to speak via their app and then the bot responds in text
  4. Channels: Chatbots are available for Viber, Facebook Messenger, on your website and many other places too