For Sudanese companies to build websites is a critical task. Customers, companies, and other interested parties will often first search for your business online before visiting you. Therefore having a website is much like having a store front. You wouldn’t have a brick store front, therefore you shouldn’t assume having a website is a luxury.

3 common objections Sudanese companies have to building a website:

  1. “Nobody in Sudan uses the Internet” – This is just wrong. There are 10.6 million internet users in Sudan. 10.6 million! If you added all the internet users in The United Arab Emirates, Greece and Israel, they still wouldn’t have as many internet users as Sudan.
  2. “Only people with money use the internet in Sudan” – That’s partially true. Sudan’s internet penetration is relatively low with 29% of the population having access. But isn’t this great for marketers? It means every view of your website is a view from someone who can afford your product. It’s self segmentation.
  3. “Building a website is expensive” – It depends what you’re comparing it against. If you have 3 billboards on Al Mashtal Street for a year it would cost around SDG700,000. However, a website doesn’t last a year. It lasts forever. Therefore you’re investing in a long term marketing asset not a short term marketing campaign. And unlike your billboards, you can change your website every day with new marketing messages.

It’s time for Sudanese companies to wake up to the digital age and start building their digital portfolio. This starts with your website. Everything is built off a good website, SEO, Social Media, Digital Advertising and Great content. Build websites today, contact for a consultation and quotation.