The State of Sudan Digital 2019 Report

The State of Sudan Digital o report for 2019 is now available for Free Download. We conducted surveys, interviews and experiments to understand usage and adoption of digital platforms within Sudan. The results offer valuable insights for entrepreneurs, small digital businesses and larger corporate trying to deliver on digital transformation. You can download your free copy of the report by filling in the form below.

Table of Contents:

About the Report

About the Authors

Executive Summary

Cultural Nuances

Use of Social Media

A Trusting Society

Entrepreneurialism as a Choice

Knowledge vs Applied Knowledge

Digital Landscape

Mobile OS

Laptops & Desktops

Tablet Usage

Smart Watch Usage

Second Screen Technologies

Ride Sharing Platforms

The Ride Sharing Landscape

All In The Experience

Fuel and Keeping The Economy Moving

The Future of Ridesharing

The Impending Rise of Ecommerce

Telecoms Entry to Ecommerce

The Impact of Ecommerce on The Economy

Banking Influence on Digital Usage

The Banked vs Unbanked

Proliferation of Digital Banking Via Merchants

App Usage

Food Delivery Services

Most Popular Platforms

Usage and the Future

The Entrepreneurial Environment

Shared Working Spaces

Investment Legislation & Investors

Social Media Landscape

Facebook Usage

Twitter Usage

Instagram Usage

LinkedIn Usage

WhatsApp Usage

The Growth of Digital Knowledge


Responsive Design

Display Advertising


Email Marketing

InApp Advertising

Digital Sentiment

Digital and the Economy

Companies Perspectives on Digital

The Future of Digital

Digital Spending

Websites and Apps Influence on Trust


References and Thanks


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