The State of Sudan Digital 2019

Earlier this year we undertook the first every analysis into the State of Sudan Digital. The reason we started the project was to understand the perceived value of digital marketing and usage of digital channels across Sudan, so that we can invest in The results astounded us, and you can download a free copy of the report here. What astonished us even more was the engagement in the report. We had over 4,000 downloads of the report, in 28 different countries. Our analysis shows that each report was shared to an average of 14 people (mostly through WhatsApp), and this has given us a readership of 56,000 people. What was even more impressive was the level of seniority of the readers and the companies, which downloaded the report. We had downloads from:

  1. McKinsey management team including the Managing Director of the Middle East
  2. CEOs of Major organizations in the US
  3. The US State Department
  4. Venture Capitalist firms
  5. Angel Investors
  6. Investment Bankers
  7. Senior members of Shell, Petronas, AIG, and countless other multinational companies

Given we did not market the report internationally, it is safe to say that we were incredibly happy with the results.

Now we are about to embark on The State of Digital 2019 with an anticipated launch date of February 2019. This year it will be bigger, better and with focused international distribution and PR. The objectives of this report are:

  1. To highlight the main trends in Digital Behavior in Sudan
  2. To give exposure to Sudanese startups in the digital space
  3. To offer data that can be used in an investment case for companies looking to invest in Sudan

The process begins in September, and we will be offering tiers of Sponsorship to help cover the cost of the report in the coming weeks. However, the report itself will, as always, be completely free to anyone who wishes to read it. If you would like to get involved, send us your details here and we’ll get back to you.

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