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Digital Graphic Design vs. Outdoor Graphic Design: Should You Become a Digital Designer?

Do you frequently make many versions of the same art piece so that there are many options to choose from? Do you bend over backwards trying to understand exactly what a client wants, and sometimes still miss the target? Do you experience creative burnout frequently? Then you must be a graphic designer, and this blog post is for you. Read on as we discuss, digital graphic design, outdoor graphic design, what it means to be a digital designer and more.

The Main Differences between Digital and Outdoor Graphic Design

Simply put, digital designers are usually required to produce an enormous amount of designs in a relatively short time. 30 designs per week is an average figure. When it comes to Outdoor graphic design however, design time can be stretched out as outdoor billboards don’t require that high a volume and variety of designs. Furthermore, delaying an outdoor design for a few days may not have a huge impact on the advertisement, but in the case of Digital Graphic Design, just a few seconds late can be detrimental to the campaign.

Another reason for the difference in output in production time between outdoor graphic design and digital graphic design, is that digital designers don’t have to be too perfectionistic about their designs as their final outputs will usually be viewed on smartphone screens that aren’t too big and therefore minor mistakes can be overlooked. This enables the digital designer to favor speed and output volume over petty details. Over time, digital designers find themselves able to execute near perfect designs in short time spans due to the experience gained from the uncountable number of designs they’ve produced. When it comes to outdoor graphic design however, minutia details are important as billboards are usually gigantic, and often viewed repetitively by the public and this makes it easier to spot mistakes on the design.

Okay, But What About Outdoor Graphic Design, I Mean it Must Have Something Going for it… Right?

You’re not wrong. Generally speaking, Outdoor Graphic Design projects have higher budgets and are generally more extravagant. Add on to that the fact that people usually take pride in having billboards of their design spread around town. It’s almost like a status symbol – A landmark of your work.

But Back to Digital

Digital Designers get to play with a bunch of tools and their outputs can range from still images, animations, or even virtual reality designs. And if having your work spread high and low is what tickles your fancy, then fear not, as billboards are not the only things that get viewed by many, but social media also gives your designs the chance to go viral.

Should You Become a Digital Designer?

If your current job working as an Outdoor Graphic Designer (or any other non-digital designer really) limits your creative juices because you only get to work on a limited set of projects, becoming a digital designer may be the path for you, as you are very likely to find something that gets your creative juices flowing out of the sheer number of projects that come your way. Growth is also an added bonus.

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