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Content Marketing in Sudan

Content marketing in Sudan podcast


What is content marketing? And what is the status of content marketing Sudan?

We made it to the 4th episode and this time we had a Sudanese digital marketing celebrity. Digital marketing and e-commerce expert Muntasir Dahabb. Muntasir left his fingerprint across digital platforms both locally and internationally. 

We chatted over Jabanah with Muntasir about content marketing as the basis of digital marketing and why there is a shortage of Sudanese and Arabic content in general. Muntasir gave valuable tips and advice on enriching Sudanese and Arabic content through blogs and other initiatives. 

Aziz and Muntasir are a long time best friends. They met digitally before meeting in real life. So the “Wanasa” was really fun.

Content marketing

The conversation kicked off with the question “what is content marketing?”

Simply put by Muntasir; Content marketing is instead of using newspaper and magazines to brand your product or services you set up your brand on digital platforms with higher reach and most importantly higher engagement. Content marketing preps up your prospective clients by providing them with informative content. This has the potential of winning the loyalty of your clients and warming up cold ones. Content marketing is about cultivating a relationship between the client and the curator. 

Content marketing in Sudan

Unfortunately in Sudan, digital content is subpar. Type ‘Khartoum’ in google and run a quick google picture search. The results are telling. Sudan is rich with great potentials and materials that make for great digital content. But digital awareness is still falling behind. This motivated Muntasir to relentlessly engage with Sudanese content creators to educate and bring out the best of Sudan.

Then Aseel raised a very interesting question: How much Arabic, and Sudanese content, in particular, is out there on the internet. The answer is not much. When compared to other languages Arabic content is relatively smaller in size. This is not to discredit that there are some excellent and professional quality Arabic blogs out there, especially in the medical field. As Muntasir puts it: “Google favourite type of content is blogging”.

Elements of content marketing

In Sudan, unfortunately, very little attention is given to blogging whether from individuals or institutions. This is probably due to the false impression that blogging requires writing profusely. Nowadays blogging is smartly and strategically combined with visual content and as the saying goes a picture speaks a thousand words. 

Podcasts (Like Jabanah with Sudan Digital) and video conferencing are other great sources for strategically generating content that can get the attention and engagement of your audience.

Another pro-tip for corporations-offered by Muntasir- is to always include offers in your marketing campaigns like emails and social media posts. Offers provide an element of anticipation that keeps your audience constantly engaged. Offers can be as simple as bite size pieces of information or advice.

It is important to keep in mind that in digital marketing there are no shortcuts. Building your audience base, generating leads and nurturing them takes time and effort through constantly creating and curating engaging content. As mentioned previously in our blog post (see here) resorting to fake social media accounts or buying them will only harm your business in the long run. 

On the last segment of the podcast, Muntasir provided valuable practical tips and steps for aspiring individuals to start content marketing. 

  • First, ask the following questions:
  1. What are you selling?
  2. What are the specs of your products?
  3. Who is your audience?
  4. What type of information will you be offering?
  • Never misinform or give promises that you can’t keep
  • Always remember that your first purpose is to build relationships with your audience
  • Cultivate a sense of community

The marketing landscape in Sudan is changing as younger generations are entering into management and becoming more aware of the vital role played by digital platforms in informing and shaping opinions. Digital marketing and content marketing in particular has the advantage of vastly improving both the quality and quantity of your marketing.

And on that note our “Wanasa” with Muntasir eneded. We hope to see him again on upcoming episodes of “Jababah with Sudan Digital”.   

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