The State of Sudan Digital 2018

The State of Sudan Digital 2018


Sudan Digital creates a report every 2 years on the State of Sudan Digital. It acts as a guide to potential investors, as well as a foundation to new startups or new digital entrants into the market. The report is free to download.

Sudan Digital is pleased to present the first Annual State of Sudan Digital for 2018. The aim of this report is to highlight the major trends and opportunities in the Sudanese Digital market. We have collated this report by collecting data from digital and physical surveys, interviews with leading Sudanese CXOs and third party reputable sources. The report highlights many-core trends within the Sudan market. However the most critical is a very large gap between organizations use of digital and the general populations use. Sudan has 10.9mn digital users who are not addressed in any meaningful way by Sudanese companies. Furthermore, digital users represent the wealthiest 27.5% of society, therefore representing a huge marketing opportunity that is not being taken advantage of by Sudanese companies. The wide-ranging economic sanctions placed on Sudan has affected its growth capabilities over the past 20 years by severely limiting both FDI and international trade. This has been acutely felt in its digital expansion. Whilst the rest of the world has undergone a digital revolution over the past 20 years, Sudan has been left behind. The major contributing factor is that this digital revolution has been led by US technologies and companies that have not operated in Sudan during the sanctions period. Their entry into Sudan is imminent. The Sudanese population is ready for their entry, whilst Sudanese companies are woefully underprepared.

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