The State of Sudan Digital 2019

The State of Sudan Digital 2019


The Sudan Report 2019 is available to download free of charge and is designed in a similar way to our Lead Generation Report and Lead Generation Video. Early in 2018, the first annual State of Sudan Digital was released on www.SudanDigital.com. With no meaningful marketing, the report was read by more than 64,000 people. 69% of readers were from outside of Sudan. 39% of people were C-level executives. There were readers from some of the world’s largest institutions: McKinsey & co, Google Ventures, Facebook, The British Council, Shell and countless others. In reality, the first annual state of Sudan Digital was a business case for the authors’ investment into digital businesses within Sudan. We only decided to release the report to the public in order to help local digital entrepreneurs have access to basic foundational data that would help them in their ventures. Therefore, it came as a great surprise to see so many readers from such a diverse global audience. Upon investigation, a few things became clear:

1. There is a lack of independent data on the digital landscape in Sudan.

2. There is an interest in the entrepreneurial environment and potential investment opportunities in Sudan.

3. Sudanese entrepreneurs need more insights into digital development opportunities in Sudan.

The State of Sudan Digital in 2019 will be globally distributed across multiple channels. We aim to highlight the current scope of digital acceptance within Sudan, accelerate digital adoption within Sudanese organizations, and attract investment in both funding and knowledge into Sudan, particularly to support budding Sudanese entrepreneurs. There are no paid sponsors of this report neither in cash nor kind. Adverts within the report are either for businesses that are currently part of AMC group, existing well-established technology-focused Sudanese organizations or up and coming digital startups.

We hope that you find the report insightful and welcome any feedback for the 2020 version of this report.

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