Sudan Digital Reports

Sudan Digital Marketing Middle East reports are globally known for their quality of research, analysis and insights. Our flagship report, The Sudan Report 2019, is published every 2 years. It outlines the digital market in Sudan, how companies build their marketing strategy, digital strategy. It also outlines how consumers in Sudan use Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email and other digital channels. We also create reports for all of our clients, including a report on how GCC travellers behaviours have changed since the Covid-19 outbreak, which acts as a lead generation report. Our team deliver reports from end to end. Sometimes the client requires a white paper for lead generation, or for NGO’s who require an analysis of their projects.

Our Most Recent Reports:

Sudan Digital Report 2018 – The first version of our flagship report, outlining the behaviours of Sudanese consumers and businesses as well as attitudes to digital strategies and investment opportunities.
Sudan Digital Report 2019 – The second version of our flagship report focuses on investment opportunities in Sudan’s Digital landscape for international investors.
GCC Traveller Lead Generation Report – This client report is used as lead generation content for our client Gulf Reps.
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